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مأذون الرياض 0530835257

Development approach of concrete mixer truck

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There are two ways to develop concrete mixer truck, one is the traditional design method, the other is the modern design method which is based on the combination of independent development and selection. With the development of network environment SICOMA MPC planetary mixer manufacturer, the proportion of independent development and selection is more and more important, which is important to reduce the cost and improve the quality of products. But no matter the development, or optional design, in which the application of modern design method is more and more big, the significance of the implementation of the modern design method is to improve the technology and performance level of concrete mixer truck.

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The overall scheme design of the product in the design of concrete mixer truck. Overall scheme design mainly includes the formulation of the overall structure concrete block making machine, the selection of the overall parameters, the design of the mixing cylinder (working device) and the auxiliary device, the determination of the driving power of the mixing cylinder, the selection of the chassis concrete block making machine supplier, the formulation of the modified requirements, the stability of the vehicle, the design of the other auxiliary device (hydraulic system, operating device, water supply device).

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