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مأذون الرياض 0530835257

Necessity of the installation of cement bin in mixing station

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The necessity of installation of cement tank / cement bin in concrete mixing station equipment is mainly reflected in economic value and environmental protection value. The following two aspects of the specific instructions:

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1, the economic value: well known as the economic development, the country’s price of water price is also in constant adjustment, the recent price reached 430 yuan / ton. A tank is not added to the top of the bin and the number of the fly ash is calculated every day according to 100 kilograms. According to the cement price at that time portable concrete batch plant, the price per kilogram for 0.43 yuan, 43 yuan a day waste of resources, in accordance with the 365 days to calculate the annual waste of 15695 yuan. If you have ten mixing stations, you can save at least 200000 yuan a year. If you install the cement tank / cement silo dust collector, can save a lot of cost every year. So it is necessary to install the top dust collector.

2, environmental protection: with the economic development ready-mixed concrete batching plant, the state has increased the intensity of environmental protection Continuous concrete batching plants, the pollution of the environment of large enterprises, the punishment is great. It is well known that we have only one earth, perhaps a bit of resources for an enterprise does not matter, but in order to ensure our sustainable development, environmental protection must be referred to our eyes. This is the benefit of the community, improve the survival environment of the most important.

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